About us

At Uvamar, we are a team of empowered sisters who are passionate about fashion and summer. We started our journey five years ago with Uvamar Co, a multitasking store in Colombia. Today, we have taken our brand to new heights with Uvamar US, offering comfortable, versatile clothing that captures the essence of summer.

Our clothing factory is located in Ibague, Colombia, where we design and produce all our garments. By doing so, we generate hundreds of jobs in the country, contributing to the local economy. At Uvamar, we pride ourselves on promoting quality and 100% Colombian talented design, bringing our customers the best of both worlds.


Our team!


I'm a full time mother and the CEO of the team. I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 5 years. And I also have a +7 years experience in the tech industry.

But today, I'm fully dedicated to this new and amazing project called Uvamar and of course the most important project of my life, my baby Lucas.



I'm an industrial designer and part of the creative mind of Uvamar. The past 10 years I have been working in our family company where we make clothes for men and women. For us, all the clothing industry is a tradition and now we want to share all our experience with Uvamar. 


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